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we will rise again


we will rise again

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Now let’s have a group hug I’m pretty sure every Cule needs it


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It’s been a tough ride for us, we have suffered so much over the years. But all this pain has made us stronger and better. What I love about this team is that in spite of the cruel reality we manage to survive. We’re survivors, we always have been. I love this team too much to let go of them now, I’m not moving. When I started supporting this team I made a promise to myself that I would love them till my last breath and here I am keeping that promise. Barcelona never needed me, I needed them. They have built a huge part of me. I love them and I always will.

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Tots Units Fem Forca

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We will never leave you, Barça

We will never leave you, Barça

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You are the sunshine that makes my day and I won’t let them take that away.

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First respect,then others.